Deduplicating Similar Content

Translate similar content fasterbetter and smarter.

FuzzyLocker is a Nifty Improved Process solution designed to change the way you approach translation projects.

With FuzzyLocker, you can easily identify and lock similar content, streamlining your translation process and saving valuable time and resources. By eliminating redundant text, FuzzyLocker helps you maintain consistency and accuracy throughout your project, ensuring that your translations are of the highest quality.

Whether you are working on a large translation project or a smaller, more complex task, FuzzyLocker is the perfect solution for increasing efficiency and productivity.

Say goodbye to the complexity of translating similar content and hello to a leaner, more effective translation workflow with FuzzyLocker.

Increasing translation efficiency

Translating similar text

In a translation project, we call “fuzzy-repetitions” text that is very similar but not identical. This text is not seen as repetitions by translation tools.

Extra work

Fuzzy-repetitions present extra work (larger volumes to translate) and increase the risk of inconsistencies (small variations of the same text are translated differently).

A solution

FuzzyLocker offers a unique solution to reducing the volume of text in translation projects. It provides cost control and promotes higher translation quality.

A unique solution for deduplicating similar content

Most of the text we read has been Published and reused a number of times. Information is duplicated and modified in different context with very small variations.

Translators use CAT tools to better translate repetitions and similarities. But, these tools only look at past translations and offer very limited solutions for consistent editing.

Real repetitions



Translate faster and more consistently.