FuzzyLocker Activation

Activate your copy of FuzzyLocker to start deduplicating your documents to translate. 

The free version will let you process an unlimited number of exact repetitions. 

The Pro and Agency versions will let you process repetitions and fuzzy-repetitions in all your documents.

Register and Activate your FuzzyLocker installation

Upon installation, FuzzyLocker runs in Demo mode to let you explore the tool. You need to register your copy to activate its main features.

We provide a Free registration to let you process the exact repetitions within your files, and Pro / Agency versions to also deduplicate the fuzzy repetitions. 

1. Register your FuzzyLocker installation

Please enter your name, email and UID number in the form below to receive your FuzzyLocker license. Click on the blue link to copy your UID number.

11 + 15 =

2. Activate your DFR installation

After receiving your activation email, you can paste your personal license code into the DFR Activation dialog (see left), or simply copy the attached license.lic file into your DFR application folder.

DFR is now ready to process all your repetitions.